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Paco Castillo Model 205

Beautiful Spanish tone & craftsmanship, easy to play with good projection !!!

Castillo guitars are made in Valencia by the Juliá family, who started their own company after decades of being linked to one of the world’s largest classical guitar manufacturers.

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“Constructor De Guitarras”

Paco Castillo

Valencia, Spain

Model 205

N-2713, made in 2022

650mm scale with 52mm nut width

Canadian red cedar top (solid)

Indian rosewood back & sides (solid)

Spanish cedar neck with ebony stripe

Ebony fingerboard with 20th fret

Indian rosewood bindings

Luxury tuners

Nitro lacquer finishing

Hard shell case included


Guitars weight is 1.6kg / 3.6lbs

Body length is 49 cm / 19.29 inches

Upper bout is 29 cm /11.41 inches

Lower bout is 38.3 cm / 15.07 inches

Depth of body is 10 cm / 3.93 inches


“From Paco Castillo’s website”

Mr. Jaime Juliá Abad relationship with the world of guitar dates back to 1973 and, from this date to the present, he is linked to this world in all its aspects.

His children Luis Juliá, Lucas Juliá and Juan Juliá started their own company in 2010 after having dedicated more than ten years to the world of guitar.

The name of the Julia family has been synonymous with experience, tradition and quality in the manufacture of Spanish guitars.

All our models are built under the traditional Spanish system. In summary, this system follows the following steps:

  1. Initially, the mast in his heel receives two cuts, one on each side and in those cuts, the rings that make up the outline of the guitar will be glued.
  2. On this basis the two flat parts are pasted: first the bottom and then the top. Once both pieces are pasted, the profiles are installed.
  3. Subsequently, the remaining wood areas are removed by sanding.
  4. Then the tuning fork is stuck and the construction phase finishes.
  5. Finally, the guitar already assembled, will pass to the processes of varnishing, fretting, polishing, revision, stringing, etc …

In conclusion, the construction process based on the Spanish heel assembly, gives the instrument a much greater strength and a greater resonance of the whole, due to its greater harmonic symbiosis.

Innovation is part of the company’s identity, which has collaborated with the Universities of Valencia and Porto in research projects for the development of their instruments, and is in constant contact with world-class guitarists to understand and satisfy the needs of their customers.

The experience and knowledge gained enable the manufacture of high quality and reliable instruments without increasing production costs.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 21 cm


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