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As a guitarist and musician at heart, my passion and love for the instrument led me to create a one-of-a-kind Canadian operation back in 2007. Located in the beautiful city of Montréal, the Grand Guitar Salon represents one of the finest collections of classical & flamenco guitars, completely hand-crafted in limited quantities, by internationally renowned outstanding luthiers … We have many guitars on order, received annually from luthiers all around the world and many others in stock, some of which are not yet listed on our website…

We invite you to browse through our website and take note of the great collection we offer. You will notice these instruments are built to last in terms of quality and investment.

Sales, Purchases, Trades & Consignment

If you are searching for a specific guitar,  anticipating a trade-in or contemplating the sale of your current guitar, we would be interested in working with you.

We have three options to accommodate you:

I) Selling outright:

We may simply offer to buy your guitar. This would be the quickest way to receive payment for your instrument.

II) Selling on consignment:

We would agree on a fixed payout price to you up front, then list the guitar on our site. Final payout to you would be 30 days after your guitar is sold.

III) Trade-in:

Should you wish to use your current guitar towards the purchase of another instrument from us, we would be more than happy to discuss a trade-in value.

Restoration & Appraisals

Should you have a guitar needing repair or restoration, rest assured that we have carefully selected to work with two of the finest luthiers in Montréal who will be able fulfill your needs and provide for you the best service. Appraisals are available upon request.

Please note, all prices on the website are in Canadian dollar funds, contact me direct for exchange rates and/or shipping charges.

Previously available at the Grand Guitar Salon:

Thomas Humphrey ”millenium model” (U.S.A.), Olivier Fanton D’Andon (France), Matthias Dammann (Germany), Carsten Kobs (Germany), Fernando Mazza (Argentina), Zbigniew Gnatek (Australia), Thomas Fredholm (Sweden), Masaki Sakurai (Japan), Daniel Lesueur (France), Mariano Tezanos Perez (Spain), Martin G. Woodhouse (England), Pete Beer (Somerset UK), Richard Prenkert (U.S.A.), Juan Hernandez (Spain), Stephan Connor (U.S.A.), Dake N-Traphagen (U.S.A), Daniel Caro Leonardo (Mexico), Daryl Perry (Canada), D. Julian Gomez Ramirez (France), Petr Matousek (Czech Republic), Manuel Contreras Sr (Spain), Henner Hagenlocher (Granada), Robert S. Ruck (U.S.A.), Oscar Graf (Canada), Victor Bedikian “Bouchet” (France), Kolya Panhuysen (Germany), Kenneth R. Hill (U.S.A.), John Price (Australia), Masafumi Nobe (Japan), Otto Vowinkel (Amsterdam), Ramirez (Spain), Lester Devoe (U.S.A.), Mariano Conde (Spain), Felipe Conde (Spain), Carillo “Paco de Lucia” (Spain), Salvadore Castillo (Mexico), Miguel Angel Lopez (Spain), Peter Allan Sawchyn “Hauser model” (Canada), Fritz Mueller (Canada), Roberto Gomez (Brazil), Sergio Abreu (Brazil), Vicente Carillo (Spain), Jean Rompre (Canada), Gregory Stuart Byers (U.S.A.), Ignacio Fleta (Spain), Boaz Elkayam (Israel), Bastien Burlot (France), Claude Guibord (Canada), Jason Wolverton (U.S.A.), Stephen Kakos (U.S.A.), Juan Carlos Soto (Costa-Rica) Paulino Bernabe Sr. (Spain), Bernd Holzgrober  Sr.(Austria), Ariel Ameijenda (Uruguay), Dieter Hopf (Germany), Conde Hermanos (Spain), Rene Wilhelmy (Canada), Sergei De Jonge (Canada), Kohno (Japan), Alejandro Cervantes (U.S.A.), Douglass Scott (Canada), Jeroen Hilhorst (Amsterdam), Constantin Dumitriu (Romania), Manuel Rodriguez (Spain), Dieter Hopf (Germany), Mengual & Margarit (Spain), Dieter Fischer (Hofner-Germany), Greg Smallman (Australia), Daniel Friederich (France), Antonio Marin Montero (Granada Spain)…

Thank you for visiting the Grand Guitar Salon!

Our Happy Customers

See how our customers’ musical journeys have been elevated by our exceptional guitars. Read their testimonials to learn how our instruments have struck the perfect chord in their musical endeavors.

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