Direct from Milano Italy our first and amazing spruce/cedar double top has arrived !!! Not only it looks gorgeous, it sounds even better…such a rich full tone with excellent balance, playability and concert level projection !!!

Lorenzo Lippi guitars are thought and conceived to support the expressivity of every musician.

Each instrument has to favor the sound and the technique the player has in mind: the guitar shouldn’t be the one to impose its personality to the musician, whereas help their creativity; not a wild horse to be tamed, but a docile instrument in the hands of the player.

The playability is our key focus, the comfort of the musician is the first and fundamental characteristic we aspire to, together with the right balance between the different registers: neither excessive bass notes at the expense of the middle and high registers, nor bright trebles without the right harmonic support of the lower strings, but a general balance able to follow the will of the musician in every tone/volume modulation, albeit energetic.

All of above mixed with obviously the right sustain and a tone rich of harmonics that allows different shades of sound, ranging from rich and fat basses to bright and expressive trebles.

Lorenzo Lippi guitars are born “mature”, but are also conceived to develop together with the musician, improve, and constantly evolve with the musician sound world.

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Concert Classical Double Top Guitar

Made in Milano Italy

Year 2024

Concert Model – VG51549

650mm scale with 52mm nut

Italian Spruce / Cedar

Fan braced double top with nomex inner core

Indian rosewood back & sides (master grade)

Spanish cedar neck (very rare and figured)

Fingerboard half with ebony / half with mahogany

Indian rosewood bridge & head stock veneer

Rosette with mother of pearl, brass, snakewood & palm wood

Snakewood bindings

Perona tuning machines

Hand rubbed French polish finishing

Hiscox Liteflite PROII case included


Guitars weight is 1.60 Kg / 3.527 lbs

Body length is 48 cm / 18.89 inches

Body depth is 9.5 cm / 3.74 inches

Upper bout is 27.5 cm  / 10.826 inches

Lower bout is 36.5 cm / 14.37 inches


LORENZO LIPPI has been considered for a long time one of the most esteemed Italian luthier, well known for his refined works and for the high sound quality of his instruments.

He started his career mostly involved in building antique instruments and later, for years, also in classic guitars and mandolins.

He is deeply experienced as teacher at the “Civica Scuola di Liuteria” in Milan, where, since 1979, he had an active role in training a big part of the current Italian luthiers and also several foreign luthiers. Well known also for his organologic and technologic studies, he is author of several releases; recently he has written some items for the new edition of “Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments”; he is often invited to give lectures and master class overseas.

First Prize and Gold Medal at the “Third International Instrument Making Competition” in Pisogne (BS).

Since almost 40 years i’m working in the path of the centenarian tradition of Italian lutherie, building professional plucked strings instruments and searching for the blending between elegance and building refinement and a sound than can satisfy the most demanding professional.

Based on classic design but product of a incessant research and building evolution – maybe less visible – always aiming to improve sound and aesthetic quality, with highest care for a comfortable and easy playability.

The heart of the luthier’s work is largely invisible and quality can be found in details, which are often innovative and hidden: a long and sturdy experience is always the best warranty…

Several musicians all over the world (Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, France, Austria, USA, Switzerland, China, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico and Greece) perform Lorenzo Lippi’s instruments.


The design of the rosettes of my guitars is a tribute to my city – Milan – and to its iconic monument: the beautiful gothic Cathedral and the “Madonnina” that spires at its top.

The “Madonnina” is a statue that represents Virgin Mary, to whom the temple is dedicated; it is covered with gold leaf and it is placed on the highest spire of the Cathedral, to whom the citizens of Milan are really fond.

In my rosettes the Cathedral is represented in a stylized style by a decoration made with mother of pearl and a brass element (or with pure gold too) to represent the “Madonnina”.

The same design is caught again specular with palm wood. The whole decoration is framed by snakewood purflings.


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 21 cm
C-762, Lorenzo Lippi (Italy)