A-126, Oasis Humigel crystal replacement kit


One replacement kit should last for several years, even if you have several humidifiers to refill annually.

The dry crystals should retain their potency for 5 years or more.

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The kit contains a small package of Humigel™ crystals sufficient to refill 4-6 times, a .15 cc scoop to accurately measure the amount of crystals needed and a 10cc. syringe. (Instructions included)

We feel that including the syringe in this package will both reduce crystals loss and encourage the use of distilled water for filling the humidifier.

The Humigel™ crystals inside the Oasis® guitar humidifier are designed to last a long time. There are, however, situations where replacement is needed.

Here are some examples:

A purchaser unfamiliar with the product, might look inside and not see the crystals, turn the humidifier upside down spilling the dry crystals out. Humigel™ crystals absorb 500 times their weight in water so the volume of dry crystals needed in the humidifier is extremely small (.3 cubic centimeters to be exact), making them almost invisible at the bottom of the humidifier. When this happens, we recommend that the buyer shake the remaining crystals out and add two level scoops (.15 cc’s each) in the top to replace the lost crystals. The humidifier needs .3cc’s of crystals (no more/no less).

A second common problem comes when the purchaser tries to fill the humidifier too rapidly and washes the crystals out. When this happens, we recommend rinsing the humidifier thoroughly with water and then adding two scoops of crystals.

We recommend that the Oasis® only be held by the colored shrink tubing located at the top or bottom. The middle portion is made of a soft breathable fabric. Squeezing the humidifier by the middle when the cap is removed will cause water and crystals to be ejected. If this happens, wash the inside of the humidifier thoroughly to clean out all crystals and refill with two scoops of dry crystals.

Lastly, unless you live in a place where the humidity is low all year long, most people use the humidifier during the fall and winter. When not in use for a long period of time, the humidifier will completely dry out and the crystals will cake up. If you have distilled water, you can re-start the existing crystals with a small amount of warm distilled water to prepare them to absorb water again.

If you have not been using distilled water, we recommend that you clean out the humidifier and replace the crystals. Dissolved minerals in the water will eventually clog both the fabric and the crystals reducing product performance.

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