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C-586, Toby Rzepka (USA)


Simply Exquisite instrument in every way with such gorgeous woods and materials !!! 

World class craftsmanship…

The all wood lattice bracing gives this instrument a beautiful singing voice with lots of colors & nuances…it has no harshness whatsoever¬†

Very easy to play, balanced, lots of presence & sustain…

Concert level projection !!! 


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New Concert Classical Guitar 

Made in Portland Maine United States

N-81, 2021

650mm scale with 52mm nut & 62mm at 12th fret

European spruce top

All wood lattice bracing 

African Blackwood back & sides

Elevated Honduras mahogany neck 

Gabon Ebony fingerboard with 20th fret

Brazilian rosewood bridge

African Blackwood head stock veneer

Maple bindings

Rodgers Art Deco hand made machines heads

Hand rubbed French polish finishing

Oil varnish on the back of the neck only

“Protege Humicase” hard shell case included

Weight of the guitar is 1.9Kg / 4.2 lbs



Building Approach

‚ÄčThe construction of each Rzepka concert classical guitar draws on a blend of art, science and instinct to achieve optimal balance, sound, and feel. My instruments are designed and built for expansive tonal range, lush volume and effortless playability. From materials selection to the final voicing, I combine hard data with my feeling for the ‚Äúsoul‚ÄĚ or character of the wood. Each guitar is built to the needs of the individual player, with careful decisions made at each step in the process regarding wood choice, thickness, density and stiffness.

‚ÄčClassical guitar making is an ever-evolving discipline, both for the individual luthier and for the craft as a whole. Design and execution have changed dramatically over hundreds of years of guitar history. To honor the tradition is to continue to innovate while paying homage to those master luthiers that came before. In the spirit of this balance, I combine contemporary acoustic design techniques with classic aesthetics, adhesives, tone woods, and finishes.

‚ÄčThe neck shape, fingerboard shape, frets and setup of my guitars are designed for supple, comfortable playing. Players who prefer low action find that they can play more aggressively without buzzing, and the diminished physical strain allows for greater focus on musical expression.


‚ÄčOne of the great joys of guitar making is breathing new life into material that lived for hundreds of years in the heartwood of a tree. I‚Äôve always loved the feeling of connection that comes from natural materials, so I tend to use ingredients found in nature for my work. From the soundboard to the decorative bindings and purflings to the final French polish, almost everything in a Rzepka guitar derives from a plant or animal.

‚ÄčThe majority of my guitars are made with woods from the¬†Dalbergia¬†family: these are the “true rosewoods” treasured by guitar makers¬†through the centuries. This genus of tropical hardwoods contains a stunning variety of color, figure and acoustic personality. From¬†ultra-dark¬†African blackwood, fiery cocobolo, violet camatillo, or warm chocolate Brazilian or Indian rosewood, I work together with my customers to choose the perfect set.

Sound boards are chosen from the highest quality of the master grade tone wood available globally. Each set of spruce or cedar is evaluated for stiffness, density, and acoustic efficiency before being chosen for incorporation into a guitar.


‚ÄčFor classical guitars, no finish can match a fine French polish. Built up by hand over thousands of micro-layers, the process leaves behind a paper-thin shellac coating that allows the tone wood to resonate fully and freely. My guitars feature French polished soundboards, backs, sides and head plates, with an¬†oil finished¬†neck for a satin¬†smooth feel.


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 21 cm
C-586, Toby Rzepka (USA) | Grand Salon de Guitare