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As Wolfgang writes…I build my signature guitars with double top, a sandwich of nomex between two layers of solid, but very thin cedar or spruce tops.

The neck/body joint combines the construction of the traditional Spanish heel with a free floating fingerboard, in use for violins since centuries. The idea behind this was to get back all the flavours of sound character from the full size guitar top, and not squeezing the upper bout of the top between the glued on ebony fingerboard and upper harmonic bar.

For back, sides and bridge I prefer to use Granadillo (Platmiscium Yucatanum) wood from Mexico, a traditional tone wood for marimbaphones and very close to the wood data of Cocobolo and Madagascar rosewood. The logs I personaly select at the source and cut them into tone wood myself. Granadillo is not endangered by CITES term.

The sides are double and have a second layer of Cypress inside.

Greatly priced concert guitars!!! Quick response, excellent separation, projection, long sustain for the bass strings and beautiful singing trebles!!!

A must try !!!




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Signature double top model

650mm scale

52mm nut


All wood lattice bracing

Granadillo rosewood back & sides doubled with a second layer of cypress inside

Cedar elevated neck

Ebony floating fingerboard

Wood rosette

Granadillo bridge armrest & headstock veneer

Bone nut & saddle

Der Jung 1:18 ratio tuning machines

Hand rubbed French polish finishing

Made to size hardshell case included

Upper bout is 28 cm / 11.0236 inches

Lower bout is 36.83 cm / 14.5 inches

Width is 10 cm / 3.937 inches

Guitars weight is 1.6kg / 3.6lbs

Dedicated to honour the work of Matthias Dammann who started building double tops in 1989 using 2 tops with a honeycomb nomex in the middle, the reduction in weight led to increased volume, with less than 2mm of real wood left, axial and tangential stiffness was very important to keep the sweetness in the tone …

Made in the Milestone Luthier Centre, that was founded in the year 2013 by Wolfgang Jellinghaus & Michael Zhang.

The goal of the Milestone Luthier Centre is to rebuild the history of classic guitar making by selecting six different master builders from the past 230 years who set new standards for the guitar making in terms of construction & sound

The R & D centre is in Dortmund Germany & the guitar making workshop is in Guangzhou China

We are proud to be the Canadian dealer of Wolfgang Jellinghaus guitars

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 21 cm


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