C-550, Zebulon Turrentine (USA)


Elegy is a modern, dependable tool for the concert hall guitarist !!!

It’s solid, lattice-braced top has a traditional timbre with a fundamental resonance that remains salient and rich in the toughest performance settings.

The design combines the luthiers unique views of construction with those past and present – many of whom he considers friends.

A power house! Balanced rich tone, clarity, deep dark basses with fantastic singing trebles

A must try !!!

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Concert classical guitar

“Elegy” Model

N-60, Made in 2019

640mm scale with 50mm nut

Cedar top (Special lattice bracing with some carbon bars)

African Wenge back and sides

Sides are triple laminated (Wenge-Maple & Cherry)

Back is laminated with cedar

African mahogany bolt on neck neck with carbon fibre rod

Elevated ebony fingerboard with jumbo EVO frets

Maple bindings

Tornovoz component in the sound hole

Gotoh 35G510P hand made tuning machines

French polish top balance of the guitar is nitro laquer

Hardshell case included

  • Body length – 19″ / 48.26 cm
  • Lower bout width – 14.5″ / 36.83 cm
  • Upper bout width – 11.25″ / 28.575 cm
  • Waist width – 9.5″ / 24.13 cm
  • Weight of guitar is 2.2 Kg / 4.8 lbs

” About Elegy direct from the luthiers website “

Top Design

  • My method is an inward subtraction of density from the top that is then tied into the much thicker edges via my own lattice-like bracing. I find this balances the efficiency of both light and heavy strokes, giving the player a “quick attack” without sacrificing depth, warmth and power.

Back and Sides

  • I normally laminate the back and sides. The sides are laminated with the goal of increasing weight and the back is laminated with western red cedar. I highly recommend this to players looking for a very focused, salient projection and excellent separation between voices. What one sacrifices in feeling the body vibrate against the body, one gains in tone quality and salience.

Bolt-on Neck

  • When I first started using a bolt on neck I was merely fastening the heal. Beginning with Guitar No. 31 I began using a bolt under the fingerboard as well. This makes the entire neck removable, seriously facilitating finish work and any restoration that might be required as the instrument ages.

Larger Frets

  • Fantastic guitarist and teacher Stanley Yates first encouraged me to try out “Jumbo” frets and I have been using a large fret width and height ever since. Overall, this is a major improvment in the playability of a guitar and the sustainability of the instrument’s setup, preventing string ware in the fretboard and ensuring that minimal effort is required for the player to fret a string.

Elevated Fretboard

  • The elevated fretboard is now a standard in the classical guitar world. I use only a minimal elevation (1/2″) that gives players an easier access to the frets over the guitar body. This is acheived by increasing the neck angle 1/2 a degree and lowering the upper-bout so the string distance from the top remains in a traditional range.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 21 cm


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