C-420, Wolfgang Jellinghaus (Germany)


Dedicated to honour the work of Herman Hauser 1 (1882-1952),

The Bavaria 1A model is based on the 1912 Ramirez and Torres SE43 Segovia played,

The legendary guitar that became the 1937 Hauser 1 model,

A very well executed copy of Hauser 1, this model is extremely light to hold, beautiful singing voice, balanced, great separation of each note, very lyrical instrument…

A must try

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La Bavaria 1A model

650mm scale

52mm nut

German spruce top (moon cut)

Madagascar rosewood back & sides

Cedar neck

Ebony fingerboard

Wood rosette

Madagascar rosewood bridge & headstock veneer

Bone nut & saddle

Der Jung 1:18 ratio tuning machines

Hand rubbed French polish finishing

Made to size fiberglass case included

Please Note, Stock Photos are used for this model’s listing, the exact guitar pictured is no longer available, the new guitar offered will differ slightly from the current pictures…

Dedicated to honour the work of Herman Hauser 1 (1882-1952),

When Andres Segovia visited Hauser he asked him to built a guitar based on the 1912 Ramirez and the Torres SE43 he played.

Hauser followed this idea and built the legendary 1937 Hauser model that Segovia bought & called it the best guitar he ever played,

The original Hauser 1937 guitar is now part of the museum of modern art (MOMA) in New York

Made in the Milestone Luthier Centre, that was founded in the year 2013 by Wolfgang Jellinghaus & Michael Zhang.

The goal of the Milestone Luthier Centre is to rebuild the history of classic guitar making by selecting six different master builders from the past 230 years who set new standards for the guitar making in terms of construction & sound

The R & D centre is in Dortmund Germany & the guitar making workshop is in Guangzhou China

We are proud to be the Canadian dealer of Wolfgang Jellinghaus guitars

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 114 × 51 × 21 cm
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