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DA 34.5 High Tension

Bass strings: Triple Silver, Warm-Generous

Trebles strings: BIO Nylon, Natural-Pure

These long-lasting strings invite you and your guitar to an intimate conversation of extraordinary quality.

Sound Combination:

  • The Triple Silver of the DA basses adds another dimension of depth to the sound of the guitar.
  • The DA BIO Nylon trebles weave their pure tone within and throughout this generous resonance.
  • The result is a resonant, natural sound that plays smoothly on the right hand.


  • Natural resonance emerging from warm basses and pure trebles
  • Warm, Generous and Pure


  • Well-balanced set, easy to play on both the left and right hands

The DUO ASSAD strings are the fruit of a beautiful meeting between people who share and cultivate the same values.

Guitarists will find that the change in direction of the winding of the bass strings reduces right-hand noise and adapts more naturally to the right-hand position of many guitarists.


Additional information

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 cm
A-306, Knobloch “Duo Assad” High Tension