A-282, Guitar Armrest Raimundo (Spain)


Guitar Armrest by Raimundo Spain

Handcrafted with beautiful rosewood

Very easy to install

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This handcraft support is made of Indian Rosewood by Guitarras Raimundo of Spain

Specially designed for Raimundo guitars but could also work with most standard Classical & Flamenco guitars

It has been tested by professional guitarists assuring an improvement in the sound of the guitar

With the support, the arm does not rest on the guitar top, liberating all the tops vibrations, additionally it makes the execution more comfortable for the right arm

The guitar Armrest enables the top to vibrate more, and increases slightly the volume and projection of the guitar.

The armrest is very easy to install & does not require any work on the guitar.

It has three points of fastening adhesive and velcro which facilitate its placement. It can be removed when desired without damaging the guitar.

Comes in a beautiful satin finish & Instruction sheet

Weight is 34 grams 

Length: 26 cm / 10.236 inches

Length (with curve): 33cm / 12.99 inches

Width (side of guitar): 3 cm / 1.181 inches 

Width (top of guitar): 2.5 cm / 0.984 inches 


Assembly instructions:

1-First place the support on the guitar, do not remove the protector of the adhesive and mark the definitive situation in both ends on the guitar.

2-Remove the protectors of the Velcro and press on the guitar


**** Manufacturer Raimundo or the Grand Guitar Salon GJNC Inc. could not be held responsible for damages due to the misuse of the armrest ***



Additional information

Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 8 cm
A-282, Guitar Armrest Raimundo (Spain) | Grand Salon de Guitare