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A-261, Guitar Lift Big Trans


Professional Line GL-Big-Trans
For players with a large stature, medium to steep playing posture.

The Big Plate is able to completely shield the back of the guitar against the body, preventing the dampening of the surface as well as the diffusion of perspiration into the wood.

Depending on the design of the guitar, it also acts as a double soundboard.

Full body contact with the support, reachable height: 9 to 27 cm.

Maximum Lift 9 inches / 22.86 cm


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Guitar Lift Big Transparent

Designed by: Felix Justen 

Specific product features:

Outside dimensions: 41 x 26.5 cm

Leg cut: 20 cm

Product weight: approx. 480 g

Cut to comfortably fit every leg, the GUITARLIFT has a big sponge rubber cushion soft “seat” to perfectly hold the guitar

Equipped with premium suction cups (50 mm diameter). Includes 4 optional adhesive suction cup protectors. Consult a luthier before choosing to put these on your guitar.

Made of Plexiglas ® GS (4 mm, max. external thread: 26 x 42.5 cm), individual packed, with large sponge rubber cushion (circular 25 mm, inner dimension 3 mm) leg cutout (19.5 cm), 4 transparent suction cups (diameter 50 mm) with release flap, M4-thread and galvanized steel knurled nut.

With instruction manual.

Each case includes a fully assembled Guitarlift® as well as a key and a manual. For secure attachment to open-pored woods and/or mat-lacquered guitars, you can order here a set of self-adhesive foil pads

Additional information

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 48 × 33 × 6 cm


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A-261, Guitar Lift Big Trans | Grand Salon de Guitare