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A-247, Woodside GS1-SCR Support


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New Woodside brand Guitar Support

GS1-SCR with Screw Adjustment !!!

Designed by two former Apple computer product designers, the creators combined their love for classical guitar, and more than 30 years combined experience playing guitar, to develop the last word in classical guitar supports…


4 in stock (can be backordered)



Introducing Woodside brand GS1-SCR Guitar Support with Screw adjustment

It has been our goal to make the best looking & performing support available anywhere. Far more reliable than suction cups used by other guitar supports, our grippers firmly grasp the edge of the instrument.

We researched all the systems out there and concluded that gripping the instrument where its strongest (where the back & soundboard meet the sides) is the most secure & imparting, it also has no impact on the sound of the instrument…

Pivoting Grippers – Our unique patent pending pivoting system compensates for any guitar body depth variation or elevated neck designs. It allows the grippers to conform & align properly to the shape of the guitar, it also provides equal gripping force to all four contact points, this means the guitar is securely held no matter what & with less force needed…

Ball & socket cradle attachment – The WS-GS1 utilizes a locking ball and socket mechanism to attach the support pillar to the clamping cradle. This allows the player the freedom to set up a wide range of  angles in any direction they need between the clamping cradle and the leg rest…

To store the GS1, simply unscrew the adjuster wheel to remove the support pillar, fold it down, and you’re ready to pack your GS1 into a guitar case and hit the road.
​• Clamping Width Range: 79 – 113 mm
​• Height Range (Upper part of leg rest to instrument resting position):  90 – 130 mm
​• Angle Range – 13 Degrees (Ball & Socket) in all directions
​• Weight:  200 g
​• Materials:  Anodized aluminum, brass, stainless steel
• Folded Size (for stowage; e.g. in guitar case):  115 x 100 x  57 (high)
For those who need greater lift or vertical positioning of the instrument, the HLK-1 Lift Kit is available.
The HLK-1 will provide approximately an additional 90 mm of lift.
Rest assured the GS1 is made using only premium materials, and built to last a lifetime.
YouTube video
YouTube video

Additional information

Weight 0.550 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 8 cm
A-247, Woodside GS1-SCR Support | Grand Salon de Guitare