D’Addario EJ95A Arabic Oud (24 1/5in / 615mm) scale

Designed for the unique acoustics of the larger-bodied Arabic Oud, this string set is optimized for a lower tonal range gauges to accommodate the instrument’s darker, deeper tone, Combining the highest quality nylon strings with silver-plated copper wound on nylon, this 11-string set provides a rich, well-balanced and timeless sound.

Full set of 11 Strings with tie ends,

Silver-Plated Copper

Tuning from the lowest pitch to highest is C to C

26w – 26w

31w – 31w

24w – 24w

28w – 28w

32w – 32w



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Weight 0.052000 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17.5 × 2.5 cm
A-231, D'Addario EJ97A
A-231, D’Addario EJ97A