Play Jazz Guitar? Play a Jazz Guitar Amplifier!

The Blu TEN is the ideal grab and go jazz guitar amp you have been looking for.

At only 9kg/19.8 pounds and 120 watts, the Blu TEN provides unmatched warmth and clarity for rich jazz guitar tone in the ultimate package of power, features and portability.

The Blu TEN easily covers any jazz gig from small rooms to large ones, small combos to big bands.


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About the JazzAmp Blu TEN

12 years ago we released the JazzAmp because Bud Henriksen couldn’t find anything on the market that sounded the way he thought a jazz guitar amplifier should sound. A few versions and thousands of very satisfied customers later, we felt it was time to apply 12 years worth of experience and understanding and re-imagine a new JazzAmp for the next decade.

The new Blu TEN! A single channel design with a Bluetooth aux input, the Blu TEN has a 10″ speaker and a defeatable tweeter, combo 1/4″ input jack with phantom powered mic input, 5-band EQ, reverb, line out, ext. speaker out, headphone out and FX loop.

The Blu TEN is 120 watts and is 10″ deep by 14″ wide by 14″ tall and only 19.8 lbs. It’s similar in size to earlier JazzAmp 10″ combos, but a little deeper with a sealed amplifier chamber for better low end response and a cleaner sound.

So how did we do ?

We sent the prototype home with our friend Sean McGowan, who has more experience with our amps than any other player in the world. He has put countless hours on everything we’ve ever built and is always our #1 test subject.

He sent us this text message:

“This is the best sounding mid-size combo you’ve ever built, and the best on the market! It’s so balanced, it’s insane. Fat low end but crystal clear, complex mids and highs.”

Tech specs:

• 120 watts

9kg / 19.8lb (10.4kg/23lb with Bag)

• 5 band graphic EQ
• Reverb
• Bluetooth Aux In
• Phantom powered XLR/1/4″ combo input
• Balanced XLR line out (post EQ and reverb)
• Eminence Beta 10 speaker with custom neodymium tweeter
• TRS send/return FX loop
• Ext. Speaker out
• Headphone Jack

About the JazzAmps

The founder, Bud Henriksen, after searching for years for a guitar amplifier that sounded the way he thought it should for jazz guitar, finally decided to just build one the way he wanted it. Sticking to a few key principles such as an analog design with no filters and no tone controls, and keeping it simple with just an input and a 5-band EQ, the JazzAmp prototypes were born in 2005. The first production model was shipped in October of 2006, and the JazzAmp (Blu TEN) has since evolved to include significant increases in power and essential features which do not detract from the original tone of the first prototypes.

 The Henriksen JazzAmp (Blu TEN) has proven itself to be THE jazz guitar amplifier for gigging jazz musicians over the past decade. The Blu TEN provides all the power, portability and features a jazz guitar or bass player needs with 120 watts of analog power, a 5 band graphic EQ, reverb, input gain control, studio grade line out, FX loop, extension speaker out and headphone out.

Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 28 cm
A-138, Henriksen Blu TEN