Dr Christopher Gratham

North Vancouver, BC

When I decided to upgrade to a concert level sounding classical guitar I faced a dilemma: you can’t easily just walk into a shop, try many guitars, and pick the one you like best. I also didn’t feel like I had enough experience to commission a classical guitar from a luthier. Based on good recommendations, I contacted Paul at the Grand Salon de Guitare. I had initially planned to fly out to Montreal and try every guitar I could get my hands on and decide that way. Paul was accommodating with that plan, but he also started asking questions about what I was looking for, what sound I was after, my experience, and what type of repertoire I was playing in the hope that he could guide me towards a range of choices. After listening to many clips on-line of guitars that Paul has had in his Salon, I found one that had “that” sound that I was after. While Paul had previously sold that guitar, through a series of events it became available and he was able to secure it for me. I was still somewhat hesitant to buy such an expensive instrument at a distance without having ever played it, but Paul was so confident in its qualities that he offered to take it back if I wasn’t completely satisfied. What more could I ask for? The guitar arrived expertly packed, in a new case, and with a whole assortment of extras (strings, humidifiers, etc). And the guitar was stunning – just as Paul described it. After playing the first chord on it I knew that there was no way I was going to send it back, and now that I’ve been playing it for a couple of weeks I am even more impressed. Throughout the process I always got the feeling that Paul was most concerned about matching me up with the right sounding and playing guitar for me. He was very responsive and thorough in all the communications, and he made the purchasing process as stress free as possible. As a result of my experience, I am happy to recommend anyone looking for a new or used classical guitar would be well served by contacting Paul.

John R. Alles Raleigh

North Carolina, USA

I had contacted Paul about the De Cascia “Sylvia” handcrafted classical guitar, knowing that it was a superior instrument, but undecided about which construction best suited my tastes. Paul was incredibly patient, sharing numerous emails detailing the various “sounds and colors” resulting from different construction methods until I settled on my choice. By the time I made my decision, I was not only impressed with his knowledge, but we were building a “client” relationship based on trust. I received my De Cascia early this week, and I could not be more pleased. It is a truly beautiful instrument, with qualities that far exceed some of my collection that cost two to three times more. In addition, he expedited shipping, and made sure that the guitar was set up perfectly. Paul has won a lifelong customer by his steadfast dedication to serve the client with the best product, but more importantly with honesty and devotion to “service”. The Grand Guitar Salon is a top tier business, with hands on service and support by the owner, insuring complete satisfaction. I will be a return buyer! Thank you Paul. Warm regards,

Ben Robertson

Windsor. Nova Scotia, Canada

I recently purchased a beautiful Otto Vowinkel flamenco guitar from Paul at the Grand Guitar Salon. I am new to flamenco but have played guitar all my life in numerous styles – bluegrass, swing, gypsy jazz, and most recently classical. I got seriously turned on to flamenco during a vacation in Seville and signed up for lessons upon returning home. I did not want to buy a “starter guitar,” one I would wind up becoming dissatisfied with and losing money on after a year. After searching through many Web sites in the US and Spain, I found Paul’s and inquired about a used Spanish guitar that looked like it would do the trick. When he asked the owner a question about it, the fellow decided that he wasn’t ready to sell it yet after all, sending us back to square one. Paul offered to bring in a brand new guitar of the same model from Spain at a very attractive price, then after a bit offered me the Otto Vowinkel at only slightly more (and a nice discount), assuring me that it was a better built and sounding guitar. I accepted, and the guitar arrived by mail a few days later. It is absolutely gorgeous and sounds fantastic, a great value for the price and something that I know I will get a great deal of enjoyment from. I have bought a number of guitars by mail order over the years – this one was exceptionally carefully packed for shipment, far better than any I’ve received in the past. AND it came with a lovely grab bag of goodies – extra strings, a nice tuner, Oasis humidifier and hygrometer, and more. I’ve never seen anything like that, it’s above and beyond. Many thanks to Paul and best wishes for continued success. Highly recommended!

Andy Kerr, amateur musician

Montreal, Quebec

I bought a used 1995 Gibson ES-175 from Paul through the Grand Guitar Salon. Paul called me back within the hour of receiving my message to set up an appointment to try out the guitar at his boutique. I was welcomed warmly when I arrived. Paul set me up in a private corner and gave me as much time as I needed to get a true feel for the instrument without any pressure whatsoever. Before I knew it, a full hour had passed! Paul took the time to kindly and patiently answer all of my questions. The guitar was well cared for and expertly set up by his luthier. He was flexible in allowing me to leave and take some time to make my final decision. As promised, he held on to the instrument for the time that we had agreed upon. I returned the following day to buy the instrument. I’ve been playing guitar for 24 years. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with the Grand Guitar Salon. It was miles better than anything I’ve previously lived through trying out guitars and asking questions at busy music stores. Now I’ve got a quality instrument that I will enjoy growing with for many years to come. Thanks Paul!

Dr. Tariq Harb, DMA

I met Mr. Paul Jabrayan during the early days of his Salon de Guitare business, and to be honest, I immediately felt his passion towards guitars and towards the wonderful art of classical guitar making. It was apparent that Paul wanted to provide the best guitars to players, and the prospect of seeing their playing flourish performing on these instruments gave him absolute joy and fuelled his mission statement. That alone made me trust in Paul’s artistic judgement, pertaining to classical guitars, especially. I have bought four guitars from the salon, each one has been a perfect fit to my artistic needs, opening new avenues of musical expression each time. I trust that Paul will help you find the perfect instrument for you. Give him a call, and see what happens! Dr. Tariq Harb, DMA Classical Guitarist and Violinist Professor of Guitar, Concordia University www.tariqharb.com www.facebook.com/tariqharb

Michele J.

Rochester, New York

Dear Paul, As I practice this morning on my beautiful Carlos Pina guitar, I can only say thank-you so much for all of the help you gave me. You listened to my concerns and thoughts about what I was looking for in my first hand made guitar. With the help of your knowledge and insights, I truly picked the perfect guitar for me. I am student of both Petar Kodzas and Sungmin Shin at the Eastman Community Music School in Rochester, NY., and they too like the sound of this guitar. I am so glad I came back several times. You made me feel welcome and not rushed at your store. I highly recommend anyone wanting to buy a guitar talking to you first! Sincerely,

Adam Cicchillitti, Mmus.


I was first referred to the Grand Salon De Guitare eight years ago when it was a relatively new venture of owner Paul Jabrayan. I was searching for my first high-end handmade guitar, but traveling hundreds of kilometers to meet individual luthiers at their workshops. At the Grand Salon I had the privilege of playing many high and mid-level guitars in the same place. My first impression of Paul was that he was honest and it was clear that he was working hard to build his reputation in Montreal. I did immediately notice that Paul had a true passion for finely crafted guitars and I felt no pressure to make a purchase; I could tell Paul was trying to help me find the right guitar for me and not just any guitar. After a couple of visits, Paul received my future 2008 traditional spruce-top classical guitar from Douglass Scott and he called me to make sure I came in to the salon to play the instrument. I fell in love with the guitar immediately. It’s now been eight years and the Grand Salon De Guitare continues to grow. I have met several phenomenal guitarists who have bought or traded guitars through Paul. I now only recommend his De Cascia beginner model “Lori” to my young students, but in my opinion even his higher-end De Cascia guitars strongly compete with classical guitars in the same price range. I highly recommend that any beginner, intermediate or advanced classical guitar student/player take the time to stop by the Grand Salon De Guitare in Montreal to try his guitars.

Joseph Tally

Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.

Grand Salon de Guitare is the perfect place for a serious guitarist to shop for a concert instrument. Tucked away in a bucolic suburb of Montreal, Paul Jabrayan offers a beautiful show room with great acoustics to display and perform on many different high level instruments. I was able to play more than a dozen guitars for several hours before I found the instrument that spoke to me, a magnificent double-top by Petr Matousek. When looking for concert level instruments, it is necessary to take your time and not be rushed. I would highly recommend Grand Salon de Guitare for anyone looking to procure high quality and unique instruments.

Joseph Roy, HBmus, MusM, ARCT

Thunder Bay, Ontario

I cannot thank Paul enough for assisting me with purchasing a truly beautiful instrument. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with Paul while vacationing in Montreal with my family. With the assistance of a proprietor possessing a deep love and appreciation for his chosen merchandise, I was able to play many fine instruments for about 2 and a half hours. After much discussion over the attributes of each, I made up my mind and bought my weapon of choice. Every time I pick up my new Carsten Kobs cedar double top, I am in constant heaven. I know double tops are a subject of much negative opinion, but Herr Kobs was able to achieve a remarkable balance of projection and tone quality. The sound is strong and bright – yes, bright for a cedar top! The trebles shimmer like moon beams and the basses are deep and warm. Oh… and the playability is superb! I would also like to add that Paul’s De Cascia guitars are a great choice for any student pursuing an undergraduate degree, or just playing for sheer enjoyment. Excellent quality for the price!

Steve Doré

Ottawa, Canada

I am a classical guitar enthusiast working on my skills and was looking to buy a good quality instrument at a great price. I live in Ottawa and I had been looking in various stores for quite some time. While surfing Kijiji I noted some nice guitars for sale in Montreal and discovered they were posted by Paul Jabrayan at Guitar Salon Montreal. My initial interest was on a 1966 Ramirez 1A that Paul had in stock at a great price and I requested some information. Paul is very knowledgeable and responded by email very quickly with several photos and some good background information. Paul advised and invited me to drive up to Montreal to take a look at his collection of instruments, which was quite extensive. I visited Paul the following week and was very impressed with him personally and the variety of used guitars that he had in stock in my max $2500 budget. I was strongly drawn to some used luthier built models, which were in remarkable condition. While assessing my playing style and needs, Paul encouraged me to also try his De Cascia line of guitars that are built in China exclusively for Paul’s store. He mentioned to me that many guitarists (Paul included) believe these instruments rival many guitars at twice the price. I tried a few De Cascia models and I was blown away that I was able to get such amazing sound and quality in an instrument under $1000 Cdn. I decided that the De Cascia “Gabrielle” model was the right one for me. It is a brand new quitar and has a gorgeous spruce top, ebony fingerboard, and uniquely beautiful java / ebony back and sides combination. At $900 Cdn the purchase included a nice soft shell case, Oasis hygrometer & humidifier and extras. It also had a one yr warranty. I could not be more pleased with my purchase and would give Paul Jabrayan and Guitar Salon Montreal my strongest endorsement and would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for a quality guitar. Paul is very customer focussed. In my case, he took his time to understand my needs and he made thoughtful suggestions that helped me to pick the right instrument for me and spend much less than my budget in the process. Thank you Paul,

Richard Walker

Osoyoos, B.C.

This fall (2014), I was looking to move on to a more responsive classical guitar. Finding a selection of fine hand made instruments is a challenge today. Grand Salon de Guitar in Montreal proved to be an incredibly wise choice. Paul Jabrayan who owns the Grand Guitar Salon is a very experienced expert. He knows great details about all of the guitar makers and what makes their instruments special. Along with this skill, he offers an amazing number of top notch guitars from all over the world. Paul is a person who is a privilege to work with as he helps find what you as a player and a customer want. I have a guitar, which meets every thing I was looking for. A hand built guitar in a price range that worked for me. He also gave me a good value for my old guitar. Service and shipment could not have been better. Thank you Paul, congratulations on a world class service.

Agustin Rosado Marquez, Classical Guitarist

Puerto Rico

I’m a classical guitarist from Puerto Rico, I was attending the Domaine Forget 2013 summer festival. When the festival ended, I decided to spent some time in Montreal. I really wanted to try a good collection of classical guitars and a friend told me about the Grand Guitar Salon. And to my surprise it was the best thing i did the all summer!!! The guitar collection is incredible!!! and they are all in perfect condition!!! Lucky for me I found my guitar, a Martin Blackwell spruce-cedar double top, with Indian rosewood back and sides. The service is excellent, I finalised the purchase on a thursday and on monday noon the guitar was in my hands!!! I had a wonderful experience at the Grand Guitar Salon and Paul Jabrayan the owner, was very polite, responsible and most of all, he knows his business. From high end guitars, to cases and strings, Paul is the right man. He also has his own lign of guitars called De Cascia, they are beautiful in sound and I craftsmanship. The next time I’m in Canada, l will make sure to make the Grand Guitar Salon one of my stops. I give Paul two thumbs up and 5 stars because thanks to him i found the guitar I have been looking for quite sometime now!!! If you are in Canada and want to try or purchase fine classical guitars, the only place to go is: Paul Jabrayan’s Grand Guitar Salon.

Jean-Claude Cajolet

Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada

Après 20 ans de violoncelle, je décidai de me remettre à la guitare. Après quelques mois sur mon ancienne guitare d’étude, il était temps de penser à une guitare qui m’offrirait le son et la facilité de jeu que je désirais. Comme je jouais sur un violoncelle fabriqué par Martin Héroux, je connaissais la différence entre un instrument de masse et un autre fabriqué par un luthier. Par hasard, en cherchant sur internet, je suis tombé sur le site Grand Salon de la Guitare. J’ai tout d’abord contacté Paul par courriel. Quelques minutes après, je recevais une réponse à mes questions. Après avoir entendu maints  instruments sur le net et en personne, je savais ce que je voulais. J’ai donc contacté Paul par téléphone, je lui ai expliqué exactement ce que je cherchais et il m’a suggéré d’essayer une guitare usagée qu’il avait en main. Le lendemain, je recevais la guitare avec plusieurs accessoires.  Il s’est avéré que la guitare était exactement ce que je recherchais et qui plus est, j’avais respecté mon budget. Paul a un service impeccable et une étonnante connaissance des instruments et de la musique et nous avons cela tout près de chez nous.

Patrick Donnelly

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Perusing the online inventory of the Grand Guitar Salon, I saw just what I was looking for – a lightly used Daryl Perry concert model. (A new one was a little beyond my budget). I sent an inquiry and immediately received a phone call from Paul Jabrayan. Paul proved to be knowledgeable and passionate about classical guitars, and his attention to my particular wishes gave me the impression that his goal was not simply to sell me a guitar, but to ensure that the guitar in question would meet my expectations. He made me an excellent offer, at a price I could afford. Shipping was prompt. When the guitar arrived I wasn’t blown away by the sound like I had expected to be. Paul encouraged me to give it a few days, let it acclimate, try different strings, have someone else play it and hear their reaction. I did just as he recommended, and after three days the guitar was everything I had hoped it would be. I’m still not entirely clear about what happened over those three days, but Paul’s advice and confidence in the instrument were spot on. I am absolutely pleased with my guitar, and with my experience with the Grand Guitar Salon. I recommend the Grand Guitar Salon without hesitation.


Ontario, Canada

I recently bought a De Cascia “Sonia” model (cedar/Indian rosewood) at the Grand Salon de Guitare and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I want to congratulate Paul for getting a guitar built that has world class sound and that features lattice bracing, raised fretboard, sound port and an arm rest for such an affordable price.  This is unheard of in the classical guitar world.   The guitar is modern in design but does not have that artificial ‘steril’ sound that some modern built guitars have.  Both the cedar and spruce tops have very good volume, excellent tone, long sustain and are very musical.    Not everyone can afford guitars that cost $6,000 – $10,000 and above.  I compared the De Cascia “Sonia” model to guitars that cost $8,000 and I preferred the sound, playability and feel of the De Cascia.  I can tell that Paul truly loves what he does and that he wants to help every customer find the right guitar whether they are a beginner, collector or professional guitarist.   I highly recommend Paul and the Grand Salon de Guitare!

Jeff Robertson, Oasis Guitar Instruction


I have been a classical guitarist and musician for over 25 years. In that time I have dealt with the vast majority of classical guitar dealers in the US with mixed reviews. I had been to the “Grand Guitar Salon GJNC Inc.” website on numerous occasions as Paul always has a fantastic selection of classical guitars with many quality videos. Bad experiences with other non US dealers were my only hesitation. I overcame my reluctance during a recent visit to the website when I found a few guitars by makers that I had long admired. I contacted Paul to discuss the instruments in question and within a few minutes I could tell that something was different about Paul. His focus was not on trying to sell me the most expensive instrument he had or an instrument that had been in stock for a long time. It was all about ensuring that we found the right guitar for me. After several lengthy phone conversations, I felt that Paul had a sincere and passionate interest in getting quality guitars to his customers. Given some of my past experiences, I found that extremely refreshing. Once we agreed on terms, the guitar was shipped to me and was exactly as described and Paul was gracious enough to include at least $75 or more in accessories…free of charge. In fact, the guitar exceeded my expectations, so much so, that I contacted Paul about possibly ordering another. I must state that guitars from this maker do not come available often as there is a lengthy waiting list and on the used market they tend to sell quickly. This is where I got my 2nd surprise. Paul not only knows guitars but he is also very connected in the classical guitar world. He called the builder and discussed another guitar. As a favor to Paul, the builder offered to send him another guitar in roughly 2 weeks time. If you have ever sat on a lengthy waiting list for a guitar you certainly must realize how huge this is. Builders simply do not do this unless they trust the person they are dealing with implicitly. What a great experience this has been. “ Grand Salon de Guitare GJNC Inc.” will be my first stop when looking for a classical guitar moving forward. Thanks Paul!

Darius K.

Sound Researcher at McGill University

De Cascia line of guitars are truly too good to be true. I’m an extremely selective person when it comes to Classical Guitars. But De Cascia; was love at first sight. I’ve been playing it for a few months now, and the sound keeps getting better and better. De Cascia is the definition of “thinking outside the box”. From its affordable price to its beautiful sound and amazing craftsmanship, De Cascia takes it to a whole other level. It’s simply unique. After all, words can not describe De Cascia. It can only be experienced. If you’re looking for “The Right Guitar”, then look no further. I am very grateful to own such a powerful guitar. When you own a guitar at this caliber, you can’t help but to become a great guitarist.

Gordon Munro

Vancouver, Canada

The De Cascia Sonia model is an excellent guitar. Its tone, volume, action and beauty are amazing and easily the equivalent of a guitar three times the price!!! I bought my guitar without playing it based on the demo video and the great reputation of the Grand Guitar Salon and I could not be happier. The guitar arrived a day earlier than expected in perfect condition, very well packaged and in a very nice and secure case. It also came with a lot of accessories including: a static tap plate, digital hygrometer, humidifier, polishing cloth, tuner, nail shaper, and more. I am astounded at what an amazing deal this guitar is and I am looking forward to many happy years with it. Thanks Again!”

Colm O’Brien

California, USA

Grand Salon De Guitare is a top notch facility through which to buy a guitar. Everything was as Paul identified it would be. The guitar arrived on time and in excellent condition and at the price stated. I was more than pleased with my new Blackwell Double top. Grand Guitar Salon is a first class outfit to do business with. I’ll be more than happy to purchase a guitar there again.


Tokyo, Japan

Grand Salon de Guitare, one of those rare classical guitar shops in Montreal, Caught my inspiration on their web page, with the amazing guitar selection they carry… I am very happy with on time delivery, high quality condition of the guitar and at most, the shop owner’s enthusiastic manner to all guitar friends… He made me feel like we are in the same world!!!

Norm G.

Kelowna, Canada

About a year ago, I decided to shop for a double top classical guitar. I found out that there were some very reputable luthiers that were building high quality double top guitars both here in Canada and the U.S. at prices that just happened to be within my budget. But which brand of guitar would be right for me. I was caring for an aging parent and working full time so having the time to travel to where these guitars were was out of the question. Local guitar shops in my area had no selection and no knowledge of good quality classical guitars. I went online and discovered an impressive selection of high quality luthier built classical guitars at the Grand Guitar Salon. I communicated with Paul Jabrayan about the type of sound I was looking for in a guitar, the type of wood I desired for the top and my budget expectations. I was very impressed by his knowledge of classical guitars and by his relationship with the luthiers that build them. Paul gave me several very good choices and was able to describe each guitar in great detail. I was able to make a decision without any reservation. Three days later, my new guitar arrived well packed with lots of neat accessories. This guitar totally exceeded my expectations but did not exceed my budget. I have finally found the guitar that I can grow with and have a lasting relationship with. Paul’s unique service is like eHarmony for guitarists. He certainly matched me with my dream guitar. Sincerely

Françoise Tardy St-Hippolyte

Québec, Canada

Une semaine en guitare dans un camp musical m’a littéralement ramenée à la guitare classique et à la volonté de progresser dans mon premier instrument. Du coup, ma vieille guitare d’étude chaleureuse comme de vieilles pantoufles, mais toute craquée, ne faisait plus l’affaire. En voyage aux États-Unis, j’ai été attirée par une petite annonce qui proposait une guitare de lutherie. Je suis allée rencontrer le propriétaire qui m’a également proposé d’autres guitares. Malheureusement, pas une ne me convenait vraiment. Ce même propriétaire m’a alors parlé du Grand salon de la guitare de Montréal, étonné que je ne le connaissais pas, car tout près de chez moi. À mon retour, j’ai immédiatement contacté Paul Jabrayan qui m’a reçue dans son salon que je qualifiais de “Caverne d’Alibaba”. J’étais complètement séduite par son approche généreuse, courtoise et par sa grande connaissance de la guitare. Après quelques échanges sur mes aspirations, Paul m’a encouragée à essayer plusieurs instruments de qualité. Je ne recherchais pas nécessairement un instrument de haute projection pour soliste en salle de concert, mais un instrument présentant un son plein et équilibré avec lequel je pourrai grandir musicalement parlant. Paul, attentif à mes besoins, m’a guidée vers une guitare au son riche, doux et profond et aux harmoniques incroyables et qui m’amène aujourd’hui vers l’avant. Merci, Paul, pour les conseils judicieux, pour le temps et la patience déployés afin que je puisse faire le meilleur choix possible. Longue vie à votre “Caverne d’Alibaba”!

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